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A new garage door can be a very serious investment. That’s why you should only trust experts with a track record to back them up. Here at New Braunfels Garage, we have 25+ years of experience installing and servicing garage doors! Because we always look out for your customers we provide FREE advice and quotes on ideal styles, materials, and the color for your new door. You can always expect us to recommend only what’s necessary and cost effective for your preferences and budget!

Some customers don’t know this, but having a new garage door installed is one of the best ways to add value to your home. It can completely change the way that your home looks, making you stand out from every other home in New Braunfels! So if you’re looking to have a new door installed to change up the style of your home or because your old door is not repairable, contact us at (830) 387-9855

Here are some things to consider when you are installing a new garage door:

We do our best to offer every possible garage door material for our customers including, steel, wood, faux wood, aluminum, glass, and fiberglass! We can also educate you about different factors to consider like the insulation value, how much noise will permeate through different materials, cost and maintenance requirements.

There are many different styles, designs, and colors to choose from when buying a new garage door. Here at New Braunfels Garage we will come out to your house and show you all the different options and give our expert advice on which options can benefit you most.

Security Features of a new garage door can include physical locks, smartphone access so that you can tell if your door is open or closed through your smartphone, rolling codes which make it harder for burglars to copy your remotes codes and much much more.

Adding insulation to your new garage door can make it the garage the perfect hangout spot during the winter or summer! If you like to do work out in the garage adding insulation can make the work seem less stressful and make it more comfortable so you can get all your projects done no matter the season!

You can customize your new garage door with different styling options from windows, glass panels, decorative hardware, or even a wall mounted opener instead of a ceiling mounted opener clearing up the space in the middle of the garage!

When choosing a new garage doors, you need to consider your lifestyle, budget, and any functionality needs. When you speak with our technicians, you can expect the most beneficial recommendations for your needs!

We Only Partner and Install The Best Brands

  • Clopay: is the ONLY residential U.S. garage door brand that is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal ( the country’s most recognized consumer product insignia. While Clopay offers good quality doors, they do not tend to break the bank. They are one of the most affordable brands that we offer.
  • Amarr: has been manufacturing garage doors since the 1950s! This has made them one of the most trusted brands among consumers that want safe and reliable garage doors. Just about all of Amarr’s Steel Doors come with the Amarr SafeGaurd Safety System which is designed to improve the overall security of the door and make it harder for burglars to break into.
  • Wayne Dalton: With over six decades in the industry Wayne Dalton is a brand that is known for high-performing, lightweight, and stylish garage doors. We can offer plenty of customization options through Wayne Dalton, including decoration pieces, windows and a vast color options!
  • C.H.I.: has been chosen by hundreds of thousands of homeowners for its exceptional value, quality, and craftsmanship. They offer just about every range of material, style, windows, insulation types and colors to choose from.

New Garage Door FAQs

A: The average price of a new garage door can often range between $2,200 and $5,500 depending on labor, material, style, insulation, and color! Additionally, where you live can also impact your cost of a new garage door. If the cost of living is higher than average like New York, expect the cost of home services to increase as well. There can also be an additional cost of disposal of the old garage door along with its tracks and torsion system.

A: A new garage door is a great investment for any homeowner. If you’re remodeling your home, you can increase your property’s value with a garage door replacement. In most cases, a new garage door can increase the listing price of a home by up to 4%.

A: You most certainly can just replace the damaged panel! But many factors go into this decision to make it cost effective. If it is the bottom panel, you will be paying almost the same amount of labor as installing a brand new door because your old door will have to be taken apart to get to the bottom panel, and then reassembled. Most importantly the manufactures have to still be making the exact make and model of your garage door so that we can order the new panel, if they no longer manufacture that garage door, there is no way for us to replace the panel.

A: With proper maintenance, a garage door can last for up to four decades! However, under unusual circumstances, you may need to replace your door sooner. For instance, if a reckless driver accidentally backs into your garage door, you may have to replace the damaged panels. When you need a new garage door that will elevate the appeal, functionality, and security of your home, contact New Braunfels Garage at (830)-339-2055.

A: You can always add insulation to an existing garage door, although you will never get the same energy efficiency as you would buying a new garage door with insulation built in. Additionally depending on the insulation type, you might have to replace your garage door springs because with the added weight of the insulation you will throw your door out of balance, making your opener work harder, shortening the life of the motor